The team

Research in the Semeter lab is carried out by an outstanding group of graduate students and colleagues. The cross-disciplinary nature of our work is enabled by a highly collaborative culture of Boston University, exemplified in the BU Center for Space Physics. Alumni of the Semeter Lab apply their skills and creativity in a rich variety of career paths, both within space science and beyond.

Joshua Semeter

Professor, ECE. Associate Director Center for Space Physics. Lab director. Google scholar.

Michael Hirsch

Research Scientist. Inverse problems and image reconstruction in auroral physics. Heliophysics software development. Google scholar.

Sebastijan Mrak

Ph.D. student. Application of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to studies of the ionosphere, atmosphere, and space environment. Google scholar.

Nithin Sivadas

Ph.D. student. Distributed sensing of particle penetration in the atmosphere, and its application to studies of the magnetosphere and solar wind. Google scholar.

Meghan Lemay

Ph.D. student. Effects of the aurora and space weather on satellite navigation.

Joaquin Diaz-Pena

Ph.D. student. Radar and optical studies of the effects of magnetic reconnection on the polar ionosphere.

Catriana PawU

Ph.D. student (co-advised with Brian Walsh)). Development of a space-based X-ray imaging system for studies of the solar wind and magnetosphere (LEXI project).

BU Collaborators

Yukitoshi (Toshi) Nishimura. Web site.

Brian Walsh. Web site.

W. Clem Karl. Web site.

Meers Oppenheim. Web site.

Michael Mendillo. Web site.

Jeffrey Baumbardner. Web site.


Marcos Diaz

Matthew Zettergren

Thomas Butler

Chhavi Goenka

Hassan Akbari

John Swoboda

Michael Hirsch

Brent Parham

David Payne